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bésame hasta que mis labios tengan tu n

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most people in the industry go by their first name and kinda never mention their second one. some feel embarrassed or some just don’t like it. in my case it’s the opposite i go by my second name Camila but actually my first name ist Karla. Yes i go by Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao. Yeah a real unique name i’m really proud of. why I don’t go by that name? well cause it would be pretty long wouldn’t it? i’m not ashamed of my name if you think that would be the reason. so to ne nicknames most of my friends call me mila or cam. i'm the person who would turn arround even if you called my hyper bunny so there's that. my mum uses my whole name when she's really mad at me but which mom dosen't, duh


soon to be twenty1
currently i'm not in my teens anymore but still didn't reach majority. yeah still stuck in that year even tho i feel way more mature. right now i'm twenty but i'll be soon enough twentyone so hurry up i wanna be able to drink and party legal. not that i'm waiting till that time come on srsly who dose that? no one so why should i?


well to this day i can't believe how my live turned out. this one casting show changed everything! yeah my career started at the x-factor shows but i'm not ashamed of that fact. i mean why should i? if you make it past those? you know that you're made for that business. we made the third place but let'S be real we're more sucessful than all those others above so.....anyway the best about that was that from the start we worked with huge people from the business like l.a reid, demi lovato and simon cowell! so what a way to start a career? now we were one of the most famous girl groups around..well until i decided it's time to go solo and that was the hardest but best decision of my life to be honest!


a few weeks ago i had a really bad break up. not the way you think but it really broke my heart how we broke up. no i don't talk about a guy. no ever since i decided to go solo me and the girls haven't spoken. it really hurts so you can imagine that currently i'm not in the mood to get myself out there.


demetria f*cking Lovato
is her main charakter. that bad ass hoe dosen't take crap from anybody. she has her heart on her sleve. with her she went through her first dark time and she''ll be with her till the end. that's what you call a dedicated fan lovatic.


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